Teachers service commission conduct recruitment of teachers through replacement and Mass recruitment. Replacement is done to replace teachers who have exited teaching profession and Mass recruitment is done annually to reduce shortage of teachers.

Replacement was initially conducted after every three months.Teachers service commission reduced the period to one month,because of 100% transition that have overstretched teaching profession.However this year the commission has not been able to replace teachers monthly because of covid 19.Chances are high that replacements and mass recruitment are likely to be pushed to next year January.

Replacement and Mass recruitment being not enough to deal with teachers shortage in the county.The commission introduced the option of contract first in 2009 to mitigate teachers shortage.

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Despite the opposition and demand by teachers unions,TSC employed 12,000 teachers on contract. The commission paid 7000 to teachers in primary and 13,000 to secondary teachers. Teachers on contract were later absorbed on permanent terms because of much pressure from teachers union.

In 2015 TSC employed teachers on relief contract to replace teachers that were on strike.The contract was later terminated after three months,when teachers strike ended.Teachers who were employed on relief contract were given first priority in Tsc interviews.

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The commission reorganised interview score sheet to award 10 marks to teachers who were on relief contract. The changes on the interview score sheet helped teachers that were on contract,to have an upper hand that saw them employed immediately unlike other teachers.

In 2019 TSC again employed 10,000 teachers on internship contract.The contract is one year program from January 2020 to December 2020.

This year teachers service commission is the greatest beneficiary in the nation budget.The government has set aside Ksh 2 billions to recruit 5000 teachers in both primary and secondary schools on permanent terms and another ksh1.2 billion to employ teachers on internship contract.

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This year the commission has not been able to replace teachers because of covid19. Over 6000 teachers have exited the commission last three months having reached 60 mandatory age of retirement. From the commission projection over 30000 teachers will have exited teaching profession by January next year.

Just as it has been the norm of the commission to advantage teachers,who shown have interest to work with commission by accepting contract terms. Chances are high that teachers who were employed on internship contract will be absorbed on permanent terms.



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