It is now official that Kenyans should begin preparing for school resumption after the Ministry of Education has continued to hint that it is preparing itself for the resumption after many months of closure.

A publication by the Standard today has established new guidelines that will guide school reopening an indication that Kenyans could soon smile.

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According to the publication, some of these guidelines set by the Ministry of Education included.

Headteachers in all schools in the country will be mandated to ensure that all of their schools have adequate water and other sanitization facilities.

The headteachers have also been tasked to formulate the protocals for hygiene practice in schools and other social distance requirements as proposed by the Ministry of Health.

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The Ministry of Education is also speeding up plans to purchase 257,000 school desks and ensure that all schools have running water before schools finally reopen.

This comes as it had been established by the Standard yesterday that the Ministry of Education is planning to begin the long awaited community learning programme as the country awaits for the resumption of school that had been set for next year.

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The WHO had last week given a nod to countries to begin reopening of schools to avoid having a lost generation.


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