The Ministry Of Education has ordered all the Public Secondary School heads to refund all the fees that were charged outside that which the government had recommended.

In a circular that was sent to all the county and sub-county directors, the education ministry further said that no school is allowed to send students home to collect arrears that is goes past is set.

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“Any fees collected above the revised guidelines be refunded or treated as prepayment of fees for continuing students… No child will be sent away for non-payment of such fees, the circular reads.

According to the recommended school fees guidelines by the government, the National Schools is set at h45,054, county schools at Sh35,035 while day schools are free.

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In the memo, The ministry also noted that they have received numerous complaints from the parents who have paid extra money apart from what was set.

The Education PS also said that any unreported cases of a school charging extra fees will attract discipline to all the responsible Education officers.

“Your reports should be submitted to director secondary via email address for compiling and further processing,”

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“Any school that desires to charge amounts above the stipulated fees must make a formal request to the cabinet secretary and will only charge after written authorization has been granted.” part of the memo reads.


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