Ndizi tv is a series of YouTube short comedy that feature a number of people from Kisii and neighbouring Nyamira county. Many of the TV clips are based in Ekegusii language and involve primarily Osoro and Okiondo.

The themes here are true reflection of deep interior Kisii culture. One of the most popular series produced by Ndizi TV is the ‘oboremo’ a Kisii name which roughly translates to land disputes. In the movie, the characters featured are either trying to sell or buy land through popular land cartel Ayub.

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Other regular character in the channel is a fans favourite Okiondo. He’s contesting in an election to become an ‘Omotureti’ leader in the village. He claims to be well connected to the local MCA what he believes would help the villagers.

Okiondo a Ndizi TV actor

However, he faces many obstacles in his quest to become a leader. He’s uneducated and his competitor is a wife to his bitter enemy Antivirus. He also has a daughter Nyomende, outside wedlock.

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Another fan favourite, Gesare is married to Osoro. The two are leading a troubled relationship. They are living in extreme poverty. Osoro thinks Gesare is barren that why they don’t have a child. His friends like Bochaberi and Antivirus are trying to persuading him to marry another girl but Gesare is aware of the plot. Ayub is helping her change the names of their title deed land to be under her ownership.

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Sigara and Osoro

Bochaberi is married to jobless Antivirus. On the other hand Sigara doesn’t want to get married. She was in a relationship with her Mathematics teacher back in school and scored an E in national exam. Her boyfriend is the United States.

Bochaberi and Antivirus

The social platform has become very popular in the region. Recently, they reached a landmark youtube subscribers of 50k. Other actors include Maccumba, Getamutamu, Faith among others.


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