Registration of teachers for community based learning is ongoing. As expected, the exercise has witnessed low turn out from teachers. Majority of those who failed to register are anxious of what awaits them from their employer.

TSC always strictly follow the implementation of its policies to the latter. From the Village elders, to teachers up to the County Directors,it’s expected that the team should have a thorough coordination to ensure the students are occupied academically.

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Its however likely that teachers who will fail to register for this exercise will not necessarily have to face the TSC Consequences. Under Normal circumstances,teachers are always told to write letters to explain why they couldn’t attend a compulsory exercise. As usual,such letters may end up being followed by disciplinary actions

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The tricky part of this is that teachers are scattered throughout the nation and its difficult to trace where each teacher is at the moment.Teachers have engaged themselves in different activities eg farming, businesses and so on.Others may also be sick at home.

The virus has put TSC in a difficult situation. At the moment,some teachers may be affected indirectly through their relatives. As the Program progresses,others may be infected. At the moment,its very difficult for TSC to account for all its teachers owing to the fact that they are at home and under no Headteachers’ supervision. However,its believed that all teachers are privy to this information.

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