Students have performed very well as compared to the last year’s results that produced a total of 123,436 candidates scoring a minimum of C+ . This year, there is a total of 143,317 students scoring a minimum of C+ that is required to gain entry into public universities in Kenya.

During the release of the results, Professor George Magoha congratulated the students that had performed so well in their examinations and this saw the leading student score an A plain of 87 points.

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The increased number of learners might force the Ministry of Education to raise the University cut off points from 46 to 50 points so as to avoid overcrowding in public universities in the country.

Currently most universities are experiencing overcrowding due increased number of admissions that has led to lack of adequate facilities to accommodate for all the students.

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Speaking on Citizen TV, CEO KUCCPS Dr. Agnes Wahome says the government of Kenya is well prepared to cope with high intake in tertiary institutions.

She said “With 143,140 that qualify to go to universities, we also have 380,000 capacities in the TVET institutions that are under the ministry of education. For universities actually we have over 200,000 capacities. So in total just within the ministry of education, we have over 500,000 places for these students.”

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She continued “So for the other 200,000 because in total they were 700,000, we have private TVET institutions, we have other private universities that are there, we have institutions under different ministries like ministry of transport


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