Board of management teachers now have every reason to smile after the government considered their three-month cry for lack of pay. This is after the schools closed in March of 2020 as a result of corona virus outbreak in the country. The reopening of the same closed institutions now have taken another new look, now postponed until January of the year 2021.

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Starting the end of this July, BOM teachers will be due to receive their reimbursement. The best of all is that, they will get paid for the three months gone by. The questions many have now is “how much will each BOM teacher receive?” The answer to this is already suggested.

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A hint posted on social media platform, twitter reveal that most schools in Kenya pay their BOM teachers with a monthly salary of between Ksh.10,000 to Ksh. 15,000. With this at hand, it can be told that the government may use the same guidelines of BOM payments from these schools to have their BOM teachers paid.

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This reveals that each BOM teacher is likely to receive a salary amount of between Sh.10,000 to Show.20,000 in a month.

Professor Magoha have already declared that the government will take care of BOM teachers in public schools. The stress now lies in private schools, how will this kind of teachers get compensation?


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