There is nothing good like being employed by the government. When one is employed by the government, he is always sure that he will receive his salaries throughout until his retirement. Even after retirement one can continue earning pension.

In Kenya all Teachers are employed permanently by the Teachers Service Commission. Teachers enjoy all sorts of benefits from the government like any other civil servant.

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Primary school teachers earn less money than their Secondary school counterparts. But do you know? These teachers have been established themselves in terms of development than secondary school teachers. Why?

Most of the Primary school teachers have invested in small scale businesses. They are really busy with their business to ensure that at least they get a profit as they consider their salaries not enough to sustain them.

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These teachers are committed with their meagre salaries. They don’t squander the little money. They live a simple life with their families and in simple houses.

On the other hand, secondary school teachers earn more than primary teachers, but they appear to be behind in terms of establishing themselves and developing. Why is it so? These teachers forget completely to invest on any businesses.

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These teachers also squander their salaries as soon as they withdraw from their accounts. They don’t think of expounding in terms development. In most cases these teachers look for heavy loans to construct good houses. In return, they find themselves paying these kind of loans for the rest of their lives.


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