The Ministry of Education has identified a number of candidates to take over Professor George Magoha’s position as head of the department’s computer science division, which is now held by Magoha.

The National Parents Association’s Nicholas Mayo pleaded with President William Ruto to halt Prof. Magoa because of his commitment.

Exam cheating, which has plagued the nation’s educational system, was addressed by Prof. Magoha when he was elected chairman of Kenya’s National Examinations Council.

Mayo claimed that because the educational system is undergoing change, Prof. Magohan should be present.

Additionally, Dr. Belio Kipsang, who formerly served as PS of Basic Education, has been nominated for CS.

Throughout the nation’s switch to the Competency Curriculum (CBC), Dr. Kipsang served as PS.

The president can finally select Dr. Kipsang to manage and resurrect the country’s largest cake distribution industry.

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At the Higher Education Loan Board, Dr. Kipsang has previously held the positions of Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer.

Dr. Kipsang, who was appointed PS in 2013, is one of the few PS who will hold the same position following the 2017 general election.

He was promoted to Regional and Northern Corridor Development in February 2021.

The University of Nairobi awarded Dr. Kipsang a Bachelor of Education in Business and Economics as well as a Master of Arts in Economics. She also holds a PhD in Educational Administration and Planning from the Catholic University of East Africa.

Nancy Macharia, the CEO and Secretary of the Teacher Services Group, is another candidate.

Ms. Macharia has the opportunity to shine and be given consideration for CS or PS because she is serving the Commission for the second and last time. Despite her extensive teaching experience, she has collaborated with the teachers’ union, particularly in the Teacher Professional Development Program (TPD).

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Wilson Sossion, a former MP nominee and secretary general of the Kenya Union of Teachers, has also been suggested as a potential candidate.

PS instruction may be desired, particularly as early and fundamental instruction.

He was at odds with the Education Officer and TSC, nevertheless, due to union politics.

Many issues with TSC and the troubled education personnel will be resolved as a result of his presence in the ministry, according to some.

President William Ruto has expressed a desire for technical training while serving as Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology. As a result, it’s possible to split the Ministry of Education into two undersecretaries.

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Simon Nabukwesi, ambassador for the ministry of foreign affairs, education, and research, would be a candidate to help the Western Region as a reliable blog if this is done.

M.Ed. is B.Ed. Since Professor Magoha has been given responsibilities outside of his job, the Master in Educational Planning and Management and International Project Management, Amb Nabukwesi, has become a significant concern in the ministry.

Amb Nabukwesi began his career as a secondary school teacher and held the positions of Deputy Principal and Principal in a number of schools between 1989 and 2009.

Before being named PS in February 2020, he previously held the positions of Canadian High Commissioner to Canada and other positions.


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