Publications by multiple Universities have let out secret that Universities will welcome back their students back to class in the coming September. Debate on when the institutions of learning will reopen following their closure about 4 month ago has been ongoing with the Ministry of Education noting that reopening might be pushed to next year January. However, Universities have given hope to their learners that they might resume classes in September if the 1st year students’ letter of admission is anything to go by.

Mount Kenya University, while reaching out to new students set to join the institution noted that they will be able to report to classes and that lectures will commence on 7th September. The institutions was also calling on to those who had been placed by KUCCPS to ensure that they download their letters of admission from the University site before the reporting date.

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Kenyatta University is also among those in rush to welcoming the 1st year students around September. In a Kenyatta University letter of admission seen by Newspoa, the University directs its new students to report to the institution by 31st August 2020.

It remains to be seen whether only this group will be allowed in class come September in a quest to achieving social distancing guidelines by Ministry of Health. In contrast, hosting only one group of student in a semester can prove to be a graveyard business mistake considering the fact that Bills and Lecturer contracts have to be financed fully. This either is what gives hope for 1 or 2 groups of Senior students might be brought in by September.

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In his highly anticipated address of the nation on Monday 6th June 2020 on Covid 19 pandemic in the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to shed in some light on reopening of learning institutions and give direction forward.

Kenyatta University

The Ministry of Education has already issued minimum requirements for re-opening including provision of masks for every student and staff, testing of all lecturers and support staff, setting up of hand washing tanks and sanitizers in each entry point, existence of an isolation unit close to each university and ensuring that Social distancing directive is adhered to during lectures.

The above moves have been termed as impossible by top leadership of universities who still insist that the campuses will only be opened when the COVID-19 infection curve flattens. According to the ministry of health, the country’s cases will peak in September making it hard for institutions to planning to resume operations to do so with ease.

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Varsities are now struggling to ensure that they fill up their declared capacities with some inviting students to apply for inter-university transfers which has just kicked off. All students who have placed into courses of less preference to them have been given a window period to reapply for other courses and secure places of admissions into other universities of their choice. To do this, students are needed to log in to their KUCCPS portal.

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