Its just a few days after the results of Kenya certificate of secondary education where released. Students are really celebrating up to know waiting for the next process of being admitted to various institutions.

As they wait the Kenya university and colleges central placement service to attach them, those who did not qualify to university don’t know what to do. This is because their parents don’t want to cater for their fees at technical and vocational education training schools since they don’t have hope on them again .

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But a new beginning for them is here as the head of technically institute urged the parents to support their children since its through this technical institutions that they will gain skills to start small business that will help them in their future. He further stated that the Kenyan government plays a greater role in the education sector since it offers loans on students who join these type of institutions.

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Those who did not make it to university can start their new journey through technical schools.
This comes a time when KCCPS has leaked cut off points for the new admissions in the year 2021 for both universities and colleges newbies.

Students seeking to continue with tertiary learning will have to have scored a high grade as compared to the previous year. The new admission for this year in public university will will hit at all time high.

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The KCCPS has been lineant enough to lower points for male and female students. The qualifying cut of grade is B plain of 60 points for male and B- minus for female students.


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