The Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof. Magoha has officially released FSE and FPE funds. However, the school principals have indicated that the funds do not cater for Board of Management teachers. This has forced the Bom teachers to believe they have been shortchanged by the school administrators.

The CS had announced earlier that the funds were to released in two weeks. Members of Parliament were getting concerned by the delay of the school funding and raised the alarm in Parliament.

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According to the ministry of education, the Board of Management teachers are not under their control therefore they do not necessarily dictate their payment. Professor Magoha said, it is normally the responsibility of the Teachers Service Commission to employ and remunerte the teachers according to the constitution. The irony of it all is that Professor Magoha is the CS for Education and he is the one who appoints the boards of management through County Education Boards in the various counties.

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Schools are forced to engage BOM teachers because there is a biting shortage of teachers employed by the teachers service commission. It is surprising that the ministry of education has never allocated funds for BOM teachers.

Since schools were closed in March this year due to covid 19 BOM teachers have not been paid and the government does not seem to care how they survive, leave alone how much peanuts they are paid at the end of the month. They are are at the mercy of principals and boards of management.

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In contrast, Professor Magoha had said earlier that money for school operations has been released to schools which includes salaries for non teaching staff and is already in the school accounts. Principals and headteachers have been crying for FPE and FDSE to enable them run the schools even without students.


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