President Uhuru Kenyatta has today 6th of June, 2020 announced that schools will reopen in third term from 1st September this year. The Head of state was speaking on his 8th address of the Nation on the state of Coronavirus in the country from State House.

The President farther directed the Ministry of Education to work with the Ministry of Health and come up with the school calendar by mid August.

In his speech, the President asked the Ministry of Education to gradually but progressively begin the process of reopening the schools by third term. The gradual opening of schools is likely to see learners of different level reporting back at different dates. In primary and sccondary schools the candidate classes are expected to be given the priority of reporting first. Students in their last years in Universities and colleges will start especially those who were to graduate this year.

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This will relief millions of learners who have stayed home since schools were closed back in March when the first case of Corona virus was reported.

The President continued to explain why the reopening had to be delayed to September. President Kenyatta who seemed to emphasis that every decision arrived was advised by the experts noted that the countries that rushed to reopen have witnessed the second wave of infections of the disease.

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“Although these projections are generated by a model, there is hard evidence suggesting that countries which opened up without proper protocols also experienced serious waves of infections. Spikes of infections were for instance experience after reopening religious gathering in South Korea, Pakistan and Malaysia.” Said Kenyatta.

Though the President has given directive of schools resuming by September, the future of reopening schools will greatly depend on the the situation of Corona virus pandemic in the country then. According to the Ministry of Health statistics projections, reported cases of Covid-19 in the country will be between 200 to 500 people per day by the beginning of September.

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