Latest reports touching on the teachers who were employed by the Boards of Managements in public schools have been those full of hopes and good news to the teachers. Reports that emerged through the better part of last week indicated that the government, through the Ministry of Education was planning to help pay the BOM teachers who were working in public schools before schools were suspended due to the outbreak of Corona virus in March this year.

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It must not be forgotten that it is in that week that the education CAS Zack Kinuthia broke the good news that the Government has heard the cries of these teachers and therefore plans to pay them henceforth till schools resume in January next year. The CAS said that the government had realized that the situation had grown dire for the tutors who majorly depended on the Boards of Management of schools for their daily bread.

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Based on the CAS’s brief explanation, it is now suspected that the Government might soon come in through the Boards of Management of public schools to pay these teachers. The CAS said that the Government aims at sustaining these teachers during this pandemic. He further requested them to stay calm and wait for further directive from the CS education in this next briefing.

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