The TSC’s proposals to make the teachers undergo a compulsory probation of ten years continue to psychologically disturb the unemployed teachers together with the yet to be teachers who are still undergoing their studies. The recent salary increment had brought some joy for the teachers. This had already started attracting the students who might have never wanted to be teachers before.

In very many occasions,the students do chose teaching as the last option in their carrier choices. This is because the profession has always been perceived as a poorly paying profession. After the recent salary increments,the profession is for once coming to the limelight as a promising future.

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The primary school teachers have always been disadvantaged when it comes to employment. Majority of these teachers do stay at home for over 10 years waiting for their time for Permanent employments.This is because the year of graduation majorly determine someone’s intake. The earlier you graduated,the higher the marks awarded.

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The ten years probationary proposal for the new teachers has increased the long stay for these teachers. In real sense,a teacher will stay for ten years after graduation before getting a job.The same teacher will be in probation for another ten years,the reality is that this teacher will see the Permanent employment letter after twenty years of graduation.This is the sad hidden reality.

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I don’t want any teacher to feel inferior of this but this is the reality. So incase the Commission implements it, the teachers should brace for this hard reality.


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