P1 Graduates are likely to continue enduring unemployment situation for a while as Teachers service commission, TSC plans to employ teachers only into secondary schools.

According to the daily nation back page today, there is bad news for the teachers who trained as P1 as there will be no recruitment of teachers in primary schools. This is impacted by the fact that Competency Based Curriculum, CBC is slowly but surely taking shape in primary schools.

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Primary schools will not get new teachers as the phasing out of the 8-4-4 system is expected to reduce the work load since learners will move to secondary school after grade six under CBC.

However, the commission will employ 2,000 interns who will be posted to primary each year for the the three years

Secondary schools countrywide are said to be experiencing teachers’ shortage due to hundred percent transitions which was championed by the ministry of education.

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According to the government, every pupil who finishes class eight is supposed to be admitted to a secondary school irrespective of the marks scored.

Therefore, as P1 graduates stare at a gloomy future if in spite of the long list of graduates from the colleges, it is only their counterparts who did bachelor of education degrees in education who will be given an employment opportunity.

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According to Teachers Service Commission statistics, there are over 330,000 jobless trained and registered tutors in the country as per the beginning of of the year.

TCS will then deploy 5,000 teachers to secondary schools as the institutions are expected to face a bigger shortage. Some 3,500 interns will also be posted to secondary on a two years contract.


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