The Kenyan government teachers might retire early than they had planned for.

Following the covid 19 pandemic, which has brought the education sector in Kenya to be standstill, the ministry of health issued the age bracket being mostly affected by the covid 19 virus.

In a report released by the ministry of health, it indicated that all children having less than 13 years old and people with above 58 years old are at high chances of being most affected by the covid 19 virus as their immunity system is not strong.

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On reopening churches, the ministry of health directed that this age bracket should not attend church services but conduct them from home.

Some teachers who are 58 years and above are likely to retire early if the same rules are applied by the ministry of health when schools reopen January 2021.

This means that all those teachers with 58 years and above will continue working from home thus avoiding contracting the covid 19 virus.

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The ministry of education shall have a task to perform whether to allow them retire early or continue earning while working from home.

Another group which will be immensely affected are those with underlying health conditions. According to World Health Organization, WHO people with deceases like diabetes, blood pressure and HIV AIDS are very vulnerable to Corona virus disease.

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Should the government implement the measure, it is not yet predictable what will happen to this teachers. Will they be also forced to early retirement without their age withstanding or allowed to work from home.

What do you think the government should do on those teachers above the age of 58 when schools open. Let’s know your thought in the comment section.


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