In yet another twist concerning Board of Management teachers payment, it has emerged that some teachers will definitely miss out on the government cushioning program.

Only teachers registered with Teachers Service Commission and have TSC number will get their salaries from as this month. According to instructions everybody paid will be accounted for and returns sent back to the ministry.

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All members paid will have to submit details back to the ministry hence without the tsc number it will be difficult to send the details.

However, their is a remedy to this, one will be paid and it shall be indicated non-teaching staff.

Also in schools where several workers are employed by the board they will be highly affected. The policy says teaching staff to non-teacjing staff ratio should be 70%-30%. If it surpasses the required ratio, the principal might opt to ignore some of them.

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Last week the Ministry of Education CS Prof. Magoha revealed the government plans to pay BOM teachers who have been going without salary for month especially those in public schools. The exercise is likely to be rolled out this week. Though it remains to be seen what will happen with this unregistered teachers.

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