The delocalization of teachers by Teachers Service Commission might have come to an end as Corona Virus threatens to unstabilize the education sector. The ministry of education has indicated that in future teachers will only be employed to work in their local homes to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. According to MoH, intercounty movement if people has contributed immensely to the spread of COVID-19.

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This will be probably welcoming news to teachers majority of whom were opposed to the deployment of teachers to work outside their home counties.

The ministry has also directed teachers to conduct the community teaching in their local residents during this period of the pandemic as schools remain closed. Furthermore, plans to do away with Boarding Schools in Kenya are underway. The eventuality of this is likely to usher in the localization of education into counties.

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The Teachers Service Commission kicked off the delocalization of teachers exercise in January, 2018. Other massive deployment would then follow in April, August and December of the same year. Though in April, 2019 the Commission slowed down the transfer as only a few administrators were moved.

The exercise had seen the transfers of thousands of long serving principals and school heads. A number of school administrators moved majorly were those serving in the same stations for a long time. Initially, the exercise targeted school heads and their deputies but in later stages we saw even classroom teachers being moved.

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