The rate at which Kenyans are buying cars has worried Kenya Revenue Authority and National Transport and Safety Authority. This is after KDE number plates lasted for less than three months and they were over.

Although this has been attributed by the deadline to import all cars that were first registered before in 2015, Kenyans have exhibited high purchase power which is associated with rapid growing economy.

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Depletion of KDE number plates has brought to our attention that the National Transport Service Authority will not be rolling out KDF number plates and has jumped to KDG.

Just like the way Kenya never rolled out KAF number plates, KDF will not be rolled too because the initials are associated with the military.

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KDF are reserved initials for the Kenya Defense Forces while KAF are reserved initials for the Kenya Air Forces.

Issuing KDF or KAF number plates would not only cause confusion but also security threats since the two are associated with one of the top security in agencies in Kenya.

Kenya rolls out number plates alphabetically and because we will not be having KDF, we’ll be having KDG number plates. The same will apply when we get to KNF, NTSA will jump to KNG.

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