As teachers wait for the July 2021 mass recruitment, let’s op that there will more vacancies enough to accommodate a large number of teachers who are out wondering.

Early the government had announced to recruit 28,000 teachers this year in order to cater for 100% transition. The TSC is awaiting for 2021 financial year allocation in order to conduct recruitment as soon as early July before the intake of form one students.

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Currently there are about 8000 Intern teachers for both Primary and Secondary schools.6000 teachers are the one recruited in the year 2021 while two thousand are the remaining senior interns of 2020 who were not lucky to secure the December 2020 mas recruitment.

If at all the government is planning to employ over 20,000 teachers then the expectations of many teachers is that current interns would be given top priority for direct confirmation to TSC permanent and pensionable job. For sure if the commission was to do so there could be still enough vacancies for the rest of BOM teachers.

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Unfortunately, from trusted sources within the TSC ,it has emerged that for fairness and equity in conducting the recruitment excercise, intern teachers will not get direct confirmation .

This is because some are just current graduates yet there are some long overstayed graduates who too need consideration. However they will have added advantage of 10 marks for having served as intern teachers.

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For now let’s pray and hope the government will fufill it’s promise to recruit huge number of teachers.


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