Following the entry of Covid 19 Pandemic, the ministry of education in coordination with the ministry of health directed all schools to be closed. As the schools were closed, both teachers and learners stay at home.

As a result of Covid 19 Pandemic, teachers who work under board of management had not been paid. These was because when all schools were closed, the principals were not in a position of paying teachers who work under board of management since the school fees which is usually paid by learners was not there.

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Fortunately the government has remembered the B.O.M. teachers, the ministry of education has released 15.4 billions for the schools.

The ministry of education further indicated that 13.2 billions are meant for school preparation as the time of reopening the schools has neared. On the same the ministry revealed that 2.2 billions are meant for paying teachers who work under board of management. B.O. teachers are very much excited.

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This comes after BOM teachers were asked to submit their TSC registration numbers. TSC has captured the details of all B.O.M teachers, the demand of more teachers in schools has increased due to Covid 19 Pandemic, therefore TSC might recruit all B.O.M teachers as it has already indicated.


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