After revealing a controversial scoresheet for 2021 permanent employment, Teachers Service Commission has yet again come with 2021 internship employment scoresheet. In the new scoresheet, TSC opt to revert to its traditional way of awarding marks to the candidates.

However, Diploma and Degree candidates from same year of graduation and same academic qualifications will continue scoring same marks going into Internship employment.

The coming exercise will see about 1,950 teachers employed as intern for both primary and secondary schools. The qualified candidates will be required to apply for the vacancies online and wait for shortlisting. After the shortlisting exercise, the commission will then invite candidates for interviews.

Teachers Service Commission and Boards of Management are required to conduct the selection exercise for the advertised vacancies in their institutions.

The Selection Panel will be expected to exercise the highest degree of transparency and accountability, as stipulated in the Public Officers Ethics Act, and TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics 2015. The Head of Institution is required to induct the panel members on the relevant sections of the Act and CORT 2015 before the commencement of the selection exercise.

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All applicants must be registered teachers as per Section 23 (1) of the Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012. Applicants who are not registered do not qualify to be recruited.

Applicants who apply for confirmation of results from KNEC should give the address of the County Director where they have submitted their applications.

Applicants whose names differ in the certificates and/or identity cards are required to present sworn affidavit on the difference in names.

Applicants who re-sat either KCPE or KCSE examinations (or their equivalents) MUST present certified copies of the certificate(s) of the national examination(s) in question for all attempts.

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Here is the score sheet that will be used by TSC during 2021 Internship employment for Secondary school teachers

Degree (BED)
First class 40
Second Class Upper 35
Pass 30
Degree + PGDE or BSC+PGDE
First class 4O
Second Class 35
Pass 30
Diploma + Dip Tech Education
Distinction 40
Credit 35
Pass 30
Diploma in Education
Distinction 40
Credit 35
Maximum Score 40

Awarding of marks for Length of stay since qualifying as a teacher (since graduation)

Its also important to note that length of stay after graduation is weighty and it is the mother of all when it comes to scoring marks;

2015 and before 25
2016 20
2017 15
2018 10
2019 and after 5

Awarding of marks for Length of stay since qualifying as a teacher for those previously employed by TSC

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2018 and after 25
2017-2016 20
2015-2014 15
2013-2012 10
2011 and before 2


Advantage of Communication ability and Co-curricular certificate of participation

One who has a co-curricular certificate of participation will also stand higher chances of scoring more marks. This part is very crucial when it comes to breaking of ties.

Communication Ability 2
Participation in Co-curricular activities 1
Students’ academic performance(Exam Record) 1
Special Talent(s) 1

So as to be on a save side, its important to provide evidence by producing a document to score above marks. NB: No candidate should score zero in this section

It is important to note that good command in communication and convincing confidence level will put you in a good position to secure a job with TSC.

Finally, Ensure that your content mastery in your teaching subjects is commendable.


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