As Teacher Service Commission is set to fill the shortage of human resources in school through 9,000 teachers, this has provided mixed reaction among the applicants.This is due to delayed merit lists in some counties.

According to applicants, provision of this fundamental information is important since it will help them decide to attend the interview or not. However, there is misguided information which score sheet wil be used during the exercise.

This arise due to provision of new score sheet which gave candidates who are in internship programmes 30marks.

The other score sheet is the one which only give interns only 10marks, keeping all others factors such as year of Graduation, length of stay and strength of academic certificates for college. Although panel has a hard task to decide on how to break possible ties, there are procedural guidelines which will help you know how you will be chosen as the preferred candidates.

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It has been observed that quite a number of counties have not released the merit lists in all sub counties leaving the applicants guessing whether they will win the interview or not.

From the research h that has been done by our media team, it was established that some counties and county directors have conspired with various institution not to release the merit list to the applicants so that the applicants will despair and not to attend the interviews so that they can favour their preferred candidates.

Another scheme that schools are using is sending text messages inviting applicants for interviews without specifying the dates and venues for interviews.

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This has created confusion among the applicants as they are not aware of the interview dates. Only those candidates whom they intend to employ are given the exact dates and venues where the interviews will take place.

The intern applicants who are likely to carry the day during the interviews have not even been invited for interviews as schools deem them as a threat to their preferred candidate.

When our team met with an applicant who works as an intern in one of the schools who sought anonymity, told us that despite him being number one with the highest marks, he has not been invited for interview.

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In a merit list that he showed us where the commission has ranked him number one, was altered and what was released is one in which he is taking position Four.

We saw this as a mechanism schools are using to pin down the candidates that they feel will threaten their own.
We saw this as a barbaric act by the counties, sub counties and schools that should be stopped in order to make employment a free and fare exercise.

We encourage those who have not been invited for interviews and you feel that you are fit in that position to attend the interviews where they made their applications following the interview schedule released by the commission.


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