Mount Kenya University (MKU) is an accredited service provider by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to implement the TPD program in compliance with the Teacher Professional Development program guidelines.

MKU shall offer continuous training of the program to the teachers and instructional leaders.

The Rationale and legal Framework of TPD

MKU Teacher Professional Development Course (TPD) Requirements, Fees And Contacts

The TSC has a statutory mandate through the enactment of TSC Act Cap 212 section 11  to facilitate the professional development of teachers.

The Commission, in its endeavour to achieve this objective, has developed a comprehensive Teacher Development Policy framework that spells out the seven (7) Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS) for both teachers and instructional leaders.

Target of the programme

The TPD program is designed to cover the primary and secondary school teachers and Instructional leaders in both public and private primary and secondary schools and teachers in colleges.

Teacher Professional Development provides opportunities for teachers to explore new roles, develop new instructional and leadership techniques, refine their practice and broaden their outlook as educators and as individuals.

Course Structure

Introductory module – MKU Teacher Professional Development Course (TPD)

This program will introduce teachers to Teacher Professional Development and to the Seven (7) Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS).

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The introductory module has five (5) chapters, which are expected to be completed within one year. The content of each chapter is based on current knowledge and research applicable to the practical needs of a Kenyan classroom teacher.

The content and activities are applicable to the real-life situation of a practising teacher, are self-directed and experiential. They reflect a diversity of perspectives and address the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of a teacher in line with the TPD Policy Framework.

2.0 Six modules (Level 1-6)

After the introductory module, the teachers and the instructional leaders will then proceed to the level one module. There will be two different modules:

One for the Teachers and one for Instructional Leaders. Level One module will have 5 chapters. A teacher or an instructional leader will take one chapter per year for a period of 5 years but to a maximum of 7 years. Level two to Level six modules will each take 5 years.

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Prof Deogratius JAGANYI, Vice-Chancellor- Mount Kenya University(R )receives a contract of accreditation to offer Teacher Professional Development Programme from Dr. Nancy Macharia, CEO, TSC (L) on 22.9.2021 at CEMASTEA, Nairobi.

Mode of delivery

Blended mode consisting of face-to-face (On site) shall be done during school holidays and online learning where the teachers and instructional leaders shall access the online content any time anywhere via modern technologies.

Training design

MKU will use a combination of various interactive learning platforms that are technology-driven to deliver an awesome learner experience through self-paced learning.

The University will use Microsoft teams for interactive video sessions, Question and answer sessions, breakout sessions, and short-recorded videos amongst other platforms on certain topics to guide the learner.

Support to Learners

  1. Training manuals
  2. Short and Personalized Videos
  3. Online training through Teams
  4. Online Ticketing and helpdesk
  5. Knowledge-based database,
  6. E-resources and library access.

TPD Mobile App (Download from Play-store)

The APP will allow for easy application procedure and students onboarding process with the following features;

  1. Pay bill integration for easy application
  2. Registration process
  3. Integration with MKU e-learning to allow access to resources
  4. Communication, Feedback, and progress monitoring.
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The assessment will be in the form of an authentic assessment that will include self-assessment, portfolio, and journals among others. This will involve the Preparation of the Reflective Learning Journal, Organizing a final Synthesis Seminar, and Preparation of a Professional Teaching Portfolio.

The 3 assignments will account for 60 per cent of a teacher’s annual TPD score. The rest 40 per cent will be obtained through the TPAD process.


  • Transcripts to be issued to students upon completion of a chapter and the same shared with the Teachers Service Commission
  • Upon successful completion of the TPD program, the teacher shall be issued with a teaching certificate renewable every five years.


The Teachers and the Instructional leaders shall invest an annual training fee of Kshs. Six thousand (6000) only.

Equity Bank- A/C no. 1550281262747

Account name: Mount Kenya University Teacher Professional Development.

MKU Contacts

Mount Kenya University

Centre for Professional Development

Tel: +254 709 153 194 /+254 709 153 195

Whatsapp: 0111612814



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