What next after you received your KCSE results? Definitely, the next big step is to join college, right. Students who scored above C+ are most certain to join the university later in the year. What about those who scored a C plain and below.

The Kenyan government through the ministry of education has been championing the hundred percent transition. That’s why, if you thinking of rewinding, rethink again. You will have to incur the cost for registration. But why would you rewind when their is an opportunity for you here.

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Join college for a diploma course in teaching. You can make the choice of joining a diploma course in primary education. With the certificate in primary education abolished, the diploma is the next big thing in primary teaching education. What are the minimum requirements for you to join a diploma in primary education.

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To begin with, you need to have at least C plain mean grade. Also, you need to have the following scores in the following subjects. Mathematics C, English C, Kiswahili C, Any humanity C and And any science a C.

With the completion of the diploma course, you will have an upper hand over the your colleagues with certificate. Who knows, you might get employed sooner than them.

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