The release of 2020 KCSE examination has brought anxiety to the students who are eager to know the courses they qualify to take.

Following the employment tendencies in Kenya, the students are advised to be keen and cautious as some courses may not be marketable enough to secure employment opportunities.

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Job marketability is therefore important in making a decision on which course to undertake. Among the marketable courses in the 2021/2022 academic year intake include:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce

This is the course that has remained marketable over the decades in the country. A student choosing on this course will have an upper hand in securing a job.

  1. Software engineering/ Web designs.
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Graduates in this field have an added advantage following networking development in the country and the globe at large.

  1. Medicine

Medicine is another expensive but marketable course in the country. A graduate in this field is possible to have self employment.

  1. Architecture/ Structural engineering.

Following numerous exceptional possibilities for Architectures and Structural engineers, this course stands marketable for graduates in Kenya.

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