Apart from the Basic salary every in Kenya is entitled to allowances. Some of the allowances paid to teachers by TSC include; house allowance, medical allowance  (No longer paid to teachers; deducted and paid directly to Minet insurence and another given to the NHIF) commuter allowance, hardship allowance and Leave allowance. This article looks at lucrative house allowances for teachers working in schools that are mapped under municipality in Kenya’s large cities and towns in every job group.

TSC House allowances per job group and location of teaching station are slightly different. For examples, teachers teaching in urban area where cost of life is duped to be higher receive more house allowances as compared to those in rural areas. Also teachers working in same municipality but different job groups earn different house allowance.

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The municipality regions are further divided into three categories. This categories are Nairobi, major cities and other cities.

Educators who work in the Nairobi region get the highest allowances than those plying for their trade in major municipalities and other municipalities. Major municipalities include Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru. Additionally, teachers from these regions in a higher job group enjoy a bigger allowance than those in lower groups. Therefore, allowances of teachers in municipalities are paid based on ranks and job responsibilities and the regions they work in.

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The mapping of the municipality regions is done by Teachers Service Commission, TSC. TSC is a national, independent human resource wing for teachers in Kenya. The body’s primary responsibility is to hire teachers and provide uniform terms and conditions of service. Over the years, teachers’ remuneration has undergone various upheavals based on prevalent collective bargaining agreements. The table below gives an insight of teachers house allowances on major cities and towns.

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Job Group



Major Municipalities Other Municipalities
B5 6,750 4,500 3,850
C1 10,000 7,500 5,800
C2 16,500 12,800 9,600
C3 28,000 22,000 16,500
C4 28,OOO 22,000 16,500
C5 35,000 22,500 18,000
D1 45,000 28,000 25,000
D2 50,000 35,000 25,000
D3 50,000 35,000 25,000
D4 50,000 35,000 25,000
D5 50,000 33,000 25,000


Check out on a list of schools mapped under municipality


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