Data from the ministry of education imply that for the second year running now, national schools have registered more numbers of grade E than their counterparts in Extra county schools. The 2019 KCSE exam statistics show that 338 candidates in national schools scored a mean grade of E while only 197 from Extra county who attained the condemned grade. The trend seems to continue this year as the national schools have registered a total of 303 grade E.

However, most of this E grades came from Cluster 2 and Cluster 4 categories of national schools. This are categories containing schools that were recently elevated to national status. Interesting, Cluster 3 with the traditional national schools only had 3 Es.

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Concerns crop up despite the fact that the institutions absorb the best performers in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, receive the highest resource allocation and have better facilities such as libraries and laboratories compared to lower categories of schools.

The 2020 KCSE results show 15,225 boys fell into the grade E category against 12,821 girls.

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The number of candidates who scored grade D fell by 15,771 to 121,942 while those who attained grade D- (minus) reduced to 137,361 from 152,339 the previous year.

An additional 22,356 candidates scored grade C in these examinations, raising the total to 85,458 while those achieving a C- (minus) increased 26,096 to 109,454, indicating that a majority of the candidates who sat the tests fell in this category.

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Cumulatively, the number of candidates who scored grade C and below increased by 32,642 to 600,159 candidates from 567,517 the previous year.

Candidates who scored grade C and below are absorbed by vocational and technical training colleges, having missed the minimum grade C+ (plus) required to join university.

From the results, the number of candidates with minimum university entry qualification of C+ (plus) and above increased by 17,394 to 143,140 compared to 125,746 in 2019.


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