TSC Deregistration: The Teachers Service Commission has sent tens of teachers packing across different schools in the country. The first batch of teachers to go home includes some fifty two teachers.

According to the TSC chief executive officer Nancy Macharia, the teachers were kicked from the national register in accordance with Section 30 (1) (e) of the Teachers Service Commission Act.

“A teacher whose name has been removed from the register shall cease to be a teacher with effect from the date of such removal,” the gazette notice dated May 13 said. In the deregistration of the teachers, the TSC bans all affected teachers from ever teaching again.

“Any person who teaches or assists in teaching in any school shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding Sh. 5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or to both,” the TSC says. In the same vein, if a school employs someone who is not a registered teacher, the owner shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not less than Sh. 100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both.

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The sacked teachers will however have the opportunity to make an appeal within 28 days.

“Any appeal should be submitted in writing, stating the grounds of appeal. If on the expiry of 28 days from the date of this notice, no appeal has been made to the Appeals Tribunal, or if an appeal to the Appeals Tribunal is withdrawn or dismissed, your name will forthwith be removed from the register of teachers,” the TSC Act says.

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TSC No Case No Names
493327 0277/07/2019/2020 Benjamin Mutuku
569093 0467/11/2019/2020 Collins Bitinyu
652068 0337/08/2019/2020 Timona Too
575253 0286/2019/2020 Nicholas Kilonzi
689382 0492/12/2019/2020 Geoffrey Nyamanya
272407 0441/2019/2020 Godfrey Kinoti
734759 0256/2019/2020 Joseph     Nalelia
501683 0301/08/2019/2020 Francis Maroa
508575 0354/09/2019/2020 William Mung’oni
543073 0336/08/2019/2020 Robert Kipyegon
506875 0365/09/2019/2020 Stephen Ketuu
549054 0284/08/2019/2020 Alex Thuita
514861 0519/02/2019/2020 Grace Mutheo
509663 0310/08/2019/2020 Wilson Muriithi


466462 0258/01/2019/2020 Fredrick Lekaasu
384812 0374/05/2019/2020 Florence Magara
667483 0428/11/2019/2020 Anthony Mungania
513381 0452/11/2019/2020 Josphat Onsango
535966 0436/2019/2020 Raymond Onyango
574869 0372/09/2019/2020 Ateng Musa
549679 0298/08/2019/2020 Hosea Bosire
230779 0371/09/2019/2020 Francis Namugerwa
472664 0391/10/2019/2020 Thaddeus Wanampui
670871 0384/10/2019/2020 Hassan Musyoka
757081 0260/07/2019/2020 Evans Mwabora
429119 0383/05/2018/2019 Joseph Ritho
579139 0385/10/2019/2020 Charles Njeru
505427 0357/09/2020/2021 Erick Omondi
391236 0034/07/2019/2020 Anyoka John
486366 0532/03/2019/2020 Evans Agido
508861 0469/11/2019/2020 Ferdinard Wekesa
383789 0390/10/2019/2020 Jackson Mulinge
601863 0395/06/2018/2019 Joseph Ogal
562720 0285/08/2019/2020 Abednego Tello
508528 0520/02/2019/2020 Peter Sila
526600 0109/07/2019/2020 Wilton Nampaso
527639 0542/06/2019/2020 Thomas Kinyua
335333 0448/11/2019/2020 Joseph Abuto
603957 0513/02/2019/2020 Kenneth Bundi
650801 0389/10/2019/2020 Nathan Kosgey
480054 002/07/2020/2021 Anthony Kamau
793605 0497/01/2019/2020 Vincent Nginsale
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609833 0489/12/2019/2020 Geofrey Tantaine Kapaito
354237 0493/12/2019/2020 Evans Nyarera
688163 0423/10/2019/2020 Nathan Mbera
522978 006/07/2020/2021 Joseph Maina
518757 0187/11/2018/2019/RC/ 


Idle Abdi Haret
572337 0276/02/2018/2019/RC/03 


Mohammed Fowzy Radhfan
325279 0247/01/2018/2019/RC/03 


Christopher O. Otieno
430515 0121/09/2018/2019/RC/12 


Peter Mutua
584153 0277/02/2017/2019/RC/03 


Alfayo Ntwiga
281204 0259/07/2019/2020/RC/02 


Joackim Nganga



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