On Monday, CS George Magoha proudly stated that the KCSE performance had improved despite various challenges posed to learners by covid-19 pandemic. This year 143,140 students will join Universities while over 500,000 students will be expected to joins colleges and TVET institutions.

Speaking on Citizen TV, CEO KUCCPS Dr. Agnes Wahome says the government of Kenya is well prepared to cope with high intake in tertiary institutions.

She said “With 143,140 that qualify to go to universities, we also have 380,000 capacities in the TVET institutions that are under the ministry of education. For universities actually we have over 200,000 capacities. So in total just within the ministry of education, we have over 500,000 places for these students.”

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She continued “So for the other 200,000 because in total they were 700,000, we have private TVET institutions, we have other private universities that are there, we have institutions under different ministries like ministry of transport.”

She says they started the process of incorporating learners into their dream careers when they were in high school, but they will be required to do revision in three weeks time when KUCCPS will open their systems.

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She explained “So there is an opportunity for everyone. We actually can’t fill all the training opportunities that we have in this country. Which is a good thing. The process started off when students were in the school and we availed the opportunities for the students to choose their careers.

“We encouraged them to do this while in school so that they get advice from teachers and we also have our officers who go round in schools to assist in this. Then once results are out, maybe in the next three weeks we will be opening our systems for revision exercises.”

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She continues to explain that the revision exercises will help students in choosing their careers based on what they scored in KCSE. She warns parents against forcing their children to pursue a certain career on the basis that they (parents) failed to do that course during their time.


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