The Kenya National Examination Council is the body in the ministry of education which is in charge of Examination.

Gives all assessment tests and exams to all levels of education I the country starting from primary to tertiary institutions.

Due to it big scope of work the council normally contracts other professionals to assist her in meeting the objective of successiful the assessment.

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Every year round there are several activities the council undertakes to meet her objective . Some of them include preparations of exams which involves setting and standardization of the tests.

The major part however is when it comes to adminstration of the exams and the marking of all the tests.This requires a multi agency. This multi agencies include the teachers both in primary and secondary schools, the ministry of education officers, TSC officers, the security personnel from the ministry of interior, the drivers in various ministries and all the KNEC officials at large.

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This human resource was engaged in the 2020 examination cycle . The results were announced to the public and the only thing remaining is the payment of all this staff who worked tirelessly to see that everything went well.

There has been an outcry from the staffs asking for pay in the past two weeks. It is like the concern person in the council has heard and this coming week all the contracted professionals are set to receive their pay.

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