Knec is the examination body that is mandated to conduct the national exams in the country. To do this successfully, it normally hire teachers, security officers and drivers and later reimbursed money meant for their transport. The kcpe and kcse exams were conducted, marked and released more than expected by many.

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This brought alot of hope among the teachers and other personel who contributed to the success of the exam that there due sha be paid soonest.

However, this is not true. For the KCPE, the body paid the supervisors end of May this year even after the exam was released Dec 2020.

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Those who supervised kcse and Tvet on the other side,have not been given their due up to now. So many questions have been raised on when the money shall be paid.

The council,on its official website, has called on teachers to be patient for everything is in the pipeline. They assured them that the money shall reach teachers and all other affected person in the course of next week.

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