The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has yet again revised the the Elementary Mathematical Table. The new 7th edition table enters the market barely three years after the 6th edition was availed to schools back in July 2018.

The latest edition is approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). This edition is improved both content and presentation to help Learners in handling Mathematics as well as Sciences concepts that rely on its contents. The content is restricted to the essential tables that are relevant for KNEC examination.

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Learners and teachers have been arged to embrace the new table as it captures important concepts that have not been included in the previous editions. Teachers and are expected to start using the new Elementary Mathematical Table immediately. The next national examination will be set in accordance with the new edition.

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However, the National Examinations Council, KNEC has received alot of criticism for reviewing the important book only three years after the previous one was introduced. The parents feel that the move is ill-motivated to burden the students and parents. They argue that cartels are behind the move to benefit their business.

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However, the Ministry of Education has implied that they may provide the elementary Mathematical Tables to all students in secondary schools for free as part of free secondary education. This will be the second item provided to Learners after the government opt to provide all literature books free to students free of charge.


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