Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) chairman Kahi Indimuli has confirmed that the much awaited monies which will be used to pay BOM teachers and non teaching staff has reached school accounts and they should expect payment by this week. Be said the monies will reach school accounts at different intervals as is the norm.

Speaking yesterday night through a popular TV station Mr Indimuli said their should be no more speculations since the government has released the money and school principals will pay their staff using the available criteria.

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“The funds were credited today. BOM teachers should get their funds in the course of the week,” said Indimuli on Citizen Tv.

Yesterday CS Magoha touched on the pay of BoM teachers stating that the government had already disbursed payment to the teachers.
BOM teachers should now actually have been paid. The Cabinet and the government approved their payment over six weeks ago, so let us not waste so much energy discussing non-issues,” he conveyed.

Last month the government had released Sh15.4 billion to enable public schools prepare for reopening in January.
Of these, Sh13.3 will go towards arrangements for social distance, hand washing and purchase of thermo-guns.

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Another Sh2.2 billion will pay salaries of teachers employed by the Boards of Management (BoM) and non-teaching staff, such as security personnel.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha said the money will help cushion teachers and support staff from the effects of coronavirus.

Some Sh750 had been allocated per child to cater for teachers employed by BOM.
Another Sh2,246 had been allocated for personal emoluments and will be used to pay non-teaching staff.
However the money had not reached school accounts more than two weeks after announcement.

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It is still not clear which BOM teachers were captured and ready to be paid since the ministry made the new lists confidential.

Last month it emerged that the data of 43, 000 BOM teachers submitted by TSC to the Ministry was not accurate as some teachers had quit following the March closure of schools to contain spread of Covid-19.


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