All students in Kenya will reopen schools today after staying home for about two months. The ministry of health which is under professor George Maghoa told Kenyans that all schools will resume learning from today, Monday.

Yesterday, number of positive cases was so strange after 389 people tested positive for covid-19 and others succumbed due to this deadly virus. Kenya is at the risk point of opening schools after yesterday’s cases, the students are going to be at a very dangerous situations as schools resumes it’s operations today.

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The government was to wait until the curve flattens totally so as to resume activities including reopening of schools. But Uhuru announced to Kenyans and warned that if the pandemic is going to increase he will close all the services including businesses.

Today also Kenya is going to release Kcse results of 2020 which was completed two weeks ago. We wish all the candidates who sat for the exams a success.

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The ministry of education will release exams today, and top students will be announced by the professor George Maghoa


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