Recently employed intern teachers may be awarded lesser marks than their counterparts in the latest twist to the TSC scoresheet. This is after overwhelming outcry from the longer serving intern teachers over the move by TSC to give the two groups same marks despite the difference in serving period.

There have been arguments whether the two groups of intern teachers should score the same marks in the upcoming TSC employment. The first lot is the one that was employed in 2019 and their contract was supposed to run in the year 2020.

Despite the fact that their contract been affected by Covid 19, they managed to complete it when schools resumed. The other group is the recently employed interns who were deployed on 15th January this year.

When TSC revealed the score sheet for this year’s mass employment exercise, the two groups found themselves sharing same(30) marks awarded for the internship contract. This did not go down well with the senior interns as they claim to possess more experience than their counterparts. They have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new score sheet terming it as incentive to their longer working experience.

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Their cries seems to have reached the Teachers Service Commission and they may be considered in a new twist to the scoresheet.

Newspoa has learnt that the commission has given the county directors a go ahead and manipulate the scoresheet in favour of the senior interns. This includes even giving junior intern as low marks as 20 for the internship contract.

Furthermore, Service commission is considering changing its recruitment scoresheet in the future after overwhelming aproar from stakeholders in education sector.

Barely a week since its publication, this year’s recruitment scoresheet has faced strong criticisms from in and out of the teaching profession. This has necessitated TSC to reconsider its decision. However, sources from TSC have confirmed that the current scoresheet will still be used in the coming mass recruitment.

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“Any changes pertaining recruitment can only be looked at after this coming important exercise. What we have at the moment is just alright for the present. If the future demands change then we will also consider because we’re dynamic.

The issue has come to the concern that some of the teachers are not favored at all due to the several differential criteria that have illegally been enacted by the aforementioned body.

Therecent cries from the affected group of unemployed teachers are of great concern, basing on the fact that the University grading system will be of no importance.

The difference in classes could be the only way to make some good news of hope when going for such interviews.

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Moreso, merging the two grades as one grade is reportedly a future blow to the student teacher, who will not put in more efforts since the marking scheme is favourable. It is therefore a way of silently telling those practising teachers yet to graduate that things out there are hand to mouth.

The other reason raised claimed that majority of graduate teachers have overstayed out of the job market, while others have just recently graduated. Therefore, using the same marking scheme might put off the newly graduated group who might be disadvantaged in one way.

Since the majority of the graduates are of second class upper and lower, the job market could be a struggle, and some teachers might give up in life because the only way to scoope the top position in the interviews might be based on the longevity of stay.


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