Kenyans online have told off radio personality Felix Odour famously known as Jalang’o for defending his tribesman Victor Ber, a man accused of frustrating comedian at Churchill show. In his newly found Jalango tv, the Kiss 100 presenter had invited Zeddy, a former Churchill show comedian to shed some light on the claims she had posted on a social media platforms about the cause of deads of Churchill show comedians.

It all began when Zeddy had taken to Instagram to allege that most comedians in Churchill show are suffering from depression due to humiliations from top leadership in the show. The outspoken comedian revealed that the late Kasee had succumbed to depression after he was chased away by Churchill show director Victor Ber from the popular who that airs on Ntv.

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Churchill show director Victor Ber

According to the comedian the show has lost three comedians to depression in a spam of 5 years. She accused the director of being incentive of the comedians’ welfare. Many comedians however have come out to support Zeddy of being courageous and speaking about the real issues in the industry.

This did not go down well with her host and Victor’s friend, Jalang’o. Jalang’o once a Churchill show comedian fault his fellow comedians for being too dependent on Churchill. He says that Victor only set them high standards just to prove him wrong with their talent. According to him they are pulling themselves into depressions by leading lavish life beyond their means.

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Zeddy maintain that Ber is the source of all misery facing most comedians in the laugh industry. He is accused of being biased when deciding whose performance will be aired. Newspoa understands that comedians are paid only if their performance goes on air. “People like Sleepy will always have their performance aired even if it is not funny because they are flowers girls.” Zeddy said.

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Jalang’o says that comedians should use Churchill show as a platform to develop themselves. His words did anger most of his fans and that is what got Kenyan on Tweeter talking. Here is some of their sampled feedback as they trolled Jalang’o.

Was Jalang’o right to defend Victor Ber. What do you think. Please leave your comment below and remember to share our story.


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