The ongoing registration of teachers to conduct community based learning has seen low turn out from teachers. This seems to have attracted the attention of Cabinet Secretary for education, Magoha.

Following this stand of the teachers, prof. Magoha said that If the teachers are not willing to teach the children then they should stop. This statement of Prof. Magoha seems to lit fire on the teachers side now that they are receiving they salaries during this period.

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” If you don’t want to teach the children then don’t ” ,the Cabinet Secretary for education said.

While speaking from Eldoret on Friday, Prof. Magoha noted that he has had a blow going around concerning the community based learning system.

He added that nothing the government will do to open schools. Kenyans should not think that the government brought corona virus.” If you don’t want to teach the children then don’t. Do not be bothered! The children belong to you. It is simple as that”, Said Prof Magoha.

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The minister seems to be annoyed with the kind of reactions he his receiving from the teachers, he went a head by giving an example about the reopening of schools in US were about 100,000 of learners have already caught the virus and as by that population about 500 to 1000 might die.

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Thus Magoha said”we shall not open the schools. The community learning is bit about opening the schools, but it is about life lesson”


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