The government of Kenya through the TSC is set to recruit new members in the teaching profession. Earlier on, the TSC has employed ten thousand teachers on intern to curb the gap in secondary schools with an aim to support 100% transition into secondary schools.

With the recent marking scheme that has been given by the TSC, intern teachers have an upper of being employed. They have been awarded ten marks on top of their qualification criteria. Teachers are always classifies according to the award they got when they completed their university education and the length of stay after graduation.

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Supposing there are two teachers who both scored a second class honors upper division, they have 30 marks on the table. Assuming that they graduated in 2018, they both have 20 marks which is now a tie at 50 marks. If one was recruited as an intern this year, he/she has 10 more marks on top of what he has. This must be an advantage since it will be difficult to compete with an intern teacher since they are already in the government payroll.

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For to qualify for employment, you need to have a C+ in the two teaching subjects as well as having scored a mean grade of C+ at K.C.S.E level. When going for an interview, kindly make sure you carry all the required original documents for vetting.

There are certain subject combinations that are now considered hot cake in Kenya. For instance, English and literature has been given a total of 789 vacancies, biology and agriculture has a total of 604 vacancies, biology and chemistry has a total of 511 vacancies.

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Mathematics and physics has a total of 421 vacancies, Kiswahili and CRE has a total of 355 vacancies, and mathematics and chemistry has a total of 345 vacancies.


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