TSC had advertised over eleven thousands (11000) vacancies for both secondary and primary schools in the beginning of this month. Application was done online where each teacher was to apply for four schools.

The advertisement had given a lot of hope to Private and BOM teachers who have been severing since March when schools were closed. This group of teacher did not receive any pay unlike their colleague employed by tsc who have been receiving their salaries as usual.

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Disappointment started when tsc gave a directive on how mark will be awarded. According to guidelines teachers under internship were give 10marks more than their counterpart who are not interns.

However there was still hope for teachers who graduated long time ago as the length of stay was giving them more marks.

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Things become worst when interview approached and most of them had not received invitation message as promised. Most of them have decided to call TSC office other contacted them through emails for explanation. They were told that interns will be recruited first and then the rest.



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