The CEO for TSC Nancy Macharia, a few days ago directed through a circular to all teachers under its payroll that they should undertake the community Based Learning without charging parents. This program is supposed to be carried out at the teacher’s nearest school to his or her area, or the social Hall. The teacher should also ensure that he or she has a maximum of 15 learners and is supposed to be carried out for a period of four hours per day.

With the many cases of girl child early pregnancy and boy child drug abuse, the community Based Program is expected to ease the burden of the parents. The teachers are expected to develop daily activity based program for engaging learners on life skills and values such as ;weeding, grazing animals, story telling, debating life issues, hygiene among others.

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However, the program might face a lot of challenges as expressed by most teachers. It is for this reason that teachers are up in arms of how they are being forced to teach things that to them make no sense.

There has been all manner of rumours that teachers may not be paid starting January 2021. This seems as the only way teachers can be engaged so far so as to justify themselves to continue being paid before schools re-open.

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It is a way of mapping of teachers within their localities and communities. The details presented by teachers when they are registering could be used by their employer to deploy them into schools within their home areas. This is a measure aimed at curbing covid -19 pandemic.

Its a way of satisfying the ego of many Kenyans who would wish teachers not to be paid. Many Kenyans are envious of teachers and do not understand why they should continue receiving their pay even when they are at home, and others doing their personal businesses.

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Failure to register may lead to a teacher missing his salary at the end of the month. More so , it may be regarded as insubordination by the TSC and disciplinary action maybe taken against the teacher.

For those teachers who are complaining and looking forward to the failure of the program, please think out side the box. Its for your own good and if you don’t register, you will have nobody but you to blame.


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