The Teachers Service Commission has employed over 10,000 teachers who are working as interns in both primary and secondary schools across the country. This teachers are required to work for at least one year under internship terms before being considered for permanent jobs.

The move however has received mixed reactions especially from education stakeholders. Critics have always faulted the teachers commission for employing qualified teachers on intern terms in such a long period. The internship contract runs up a maximum of 5 years before it can expire.

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However, there is a procedure on how to terminate the internship contract should one opt their way out. There are many reasons why an intern teacher might decide to end an internship prior to a previously agreed-upon date. One might have had an ideal employment opportunity that can’t pass up, or personal issues that interfere with their commitment, or even pursuing academic program sooner than expected.

Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to communicate your intentions to your employer and make every effort to leave on a positive note, since you may want to secure a recommendation.

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When it comes necessary to end a professional relationship with an employer, an employee typically submits a termination letter. While a training internship termination letter varies slightly from a standard termination letter, the structure is basically the same.

In case you want to terminate the contract to take another job, submit a written letter of resignation/ termination of the contract to the Commission through the Supervisor by giving thirty (30) days Written Notice. Giving a two (2) weeks Written Notice before taking up employment offered to you before the expiry of the agreed internship period.


Thee letter should clearly state the reasons for the termination, the effective date of separation and any other relevant details. Since such a letter may come into play in the event of any disagreement regarding termination, the letter given should be as specific as possible.

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