Following the publication of the Form One 2021 Reporting Date, below is How to Place Transfer Request for Form One 2021 via NEMIS.

Confusion has reigned the NEMIS system especially when it comes to how to place transfer request. The guide below will detailedly take you through how to successfully place a transfer request through national educational management information system ,NEMIS.

  1. Visit the NEMIS portal at
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2. Log in by using the set User name and Password.

3. Once logged in, select the LEARNER TAB and click on ‘Admit student/ Capture request from the drop down list.

4. On the new window, enter the Learner’s Index number or Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) into the ‘SEARCH (UPI/ INDEX) box and press on ‘Check.’

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The learner’s details will be displayed i.e Index, Name, Gender, Marks and the School that the student has been placed.

5. Click on ‘Admit’, if the learner’s details show the student is admitted at the school.

On the new interface, enter the UPI and the Birth Certificate Number, as shown below. Then, press on Admit.

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UPI (Used in Primary, if
provided by Parent/Student – OPTIONAL)
Birth Certificate No (Provided During Admission
by the Parent/Student – NOT OPTIONAL)

6. The admission success message will be displayed on the screen, thus;


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