In January this year, Teachers Service Commission deployed over 10,000 intern teachers in both primary and secondary schools to address the teachers shortage in public schools. Barely two months into the contract, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the closure of all learning institutions due to the entry of Corona virus into the country.

The contract is supposed to run for at least one year before the teachers are issued with internship certificates or otherwise be considered for permanent and pensionable jobs. With the cancellation of 2020 academic calendar there seems to be anxieties over the eventuality of the intern contract.

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However, the long closure of schools is unlikely to affect the contract considering the fact that interns on the payroll and continue to earn salary even as classrooms remain closed.

Also the Teachers Service Commission has constantly retaliated that they will not at any point stop paying teachers even schools remain closed for long because the teachers are willing to go back to work. The same could apply with the intern teachers contract.

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This comes a time when there are several unconfirmed reports that the teachers commission is set to confirm the intern teachers on permanent and pensionable terms to give room for more recruitment of interns when schools reopen. However, TSC has remained numb over the same.

There is likely to be a huge shortage of teachers in January due to covid 19 containment measures put in place by Ministry of Education. Also reports by TSC indicate that there are many teachers who have left the professon during this period. In address the situation TSC is likely to give the this group first priority.

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What should TSC do with the intern teachers when schools reopen. Remember to leave your comment and share our story.


  1. Interns being confirmed by TSC after sacrificing better paying bom jobs for the little money they are paid as interns will be a fair game. Confirm them please


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