Teachers in Private schools together with their counterparts in public schools working on B.O.M terms have continued to suffer since March this year when learning in all schools was suspended following the outbreak of Covid-19.They have remained in financial hardships as they are not paid by their respective schools owing the financial constraints.

Speaking today at KICD in response to the Head of State’s directive for him to shed light on the progress of preparations of re-opening schools,he felt that people should have sympathy to the private schools.”I would like us to sympathise with private schools.They employ a large number of Kenyans,over 160,000 teachers and 300,000 plus support staff” he said.

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He therefore called upon parents whose children study in private institutions to comply with the directions and requests from their respective schools.He claimed that those schools require finances to keep the schools alive through provision of materials to their learners back at home.

“Go and negotiate with them.When you decided to take your child there,nobody had instructed you to do so.”He said.Following this declaration,owners of private institutions might resort requesting the parents to continue paying school fees so as to meet the cost of school maintenance alongside paying teachers their salaries.

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Most private institutions are known to be good when it comes to perfomance in national examinations.Behind this good perfomance,are the committed and hardworking teachers who are now going through hell due to financial constraints.


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