With the school still closed and no clue to when they will be opened, Bom teachers have gone for months without, a pay the situation that has affected their daily lives since they are unable to meet their daily costs.

After several consultations the Tsc came into a conclusion to include the Bom teachers to the pay slip, since government employed teachers are still receiving their salary though the schools are closed, there is also need to pay the Bom teachers because they perform a vital duty even more than the government employed teacher do.

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Now that TSC had no scale to use to pay the Bom teachers because they had not prepared for this, they have come up with a unique formula that they will use to calculate the payment that each teacher will get to ensure that each teacher gets what he/ she deserve. Here is the formula.

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They will take the number of students in the school multiplied by 750 then divided by the number of the Bom teachers.

This means that if the school has many students but less Bom teachers, they stand a chance to get a higher pay.

But this will also depend with the principal on the decision that they will take.

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