Tertiary institutions are sat to resume the normal operations by September this year amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, several University students are ardently preparing to embark to their respective institutions.

However, several doubts have been among the University Students and those planning to join the University this year whether HELB would be able to finance them before the resumption date.

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Earlier this month, HELB gave hope to the continuing students who failed to meet the application deadline for the second Subsequent Loan Application.

The subsequent Loan application deadline was further extended by HELB following the numerous complains by the HELB beneficiaries who failed to submit their application in due time.

Today, HELB has issued a great news to first time Loan applicants or those students who would want to apply for the Helb Loan for the first time.

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Earlier this morning, through their social media platform, Twitter, HELB has issued a directive to all those students who are wishing to join Universities and colleges for the first time Loan application.

HELB, through their Twitter page, @HELBpage, has directed that the first time Loan application is open.
For the first time Loan applicants who are wondering how to make their loan application:- Helb loan application process is very simple, all you need to do is to download the HELB mobile app available on GooglePlay and have fast & convenient access to all the HELB services.

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