The Ministry of Interior Security is intending to pump University Graduates into the police forces in its agenda plan of reforming the police service. According to the Interior Ministry Permanent Secretary Karanja Kibicho, half of new police recruits will be University Graduates. This is part of the reforms the Ministry is undertaking in its effort to bring sanity to the police force.

While speaking in an interview in a local radio station, Kibicho seemed confident that the reforms will bring in highly skilled personnel into the police unit a new beginning that is expected to bring to an end the police misconducts that have dominated the sector all along. The first phase will see over 5,000 University Graduates join the force.

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Past police recruitment exercise

Traditionally, the minimum requirement entry into police service is a D+ and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. There have been even reported cases of discriminations against those with either University Education or University entry grades during police recruitment exercises. This group in normally turned away from recruiting grounds and told to find their fortune elsewhere. However, the new move by the Ministry is undoubtedly going to address the public perception that police forces are only for failures recruits in the National examinations.

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“Modalities have already been put in place to change the service from being the place where parents take their children who have failed in national examinations. In the next recruitment, half of the recruits shall be cadets. We must move to change our recruitment procedure and be in line with the international standards,” Said Kibicho.

In his sentiments, the PS seem to agree with police critics that most police brutality cases witnessed in the country are as a result of low academics standard among police officers.

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This comes a time when police are under scrutiny over extra judicial killings. According to report by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), police officers have contributed to the increased extrajudicial killings in the country.

For instance, during Coronavirus carfew put in place by President Kenyatta to curb the spread of the virus, 15 people have lost their lives in the hands of police and 31 others left nursing serious injuries.


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