The criteria most used for admission to public tertiary institutions are grade point. Given the rising demand for tertiary education, educational institutions and policy makers face new.

KCCPS has leaked cutt off points for the new admissions in the year 2021 for both universities and colleges newbies.

Students seeking to continue with tertiary learning will have to have scored a high grade as compared to the previous year. The new admission for this year in public university will will hit at all time high.

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The KCCPS has been lineant enough to lower points for male and female students. The qualifying cutt of grade is B plain of 60 points for male and B- minus for female students.

Female candidates who scored two points less than the cutt off mark will the get admission as part of traditional affirmative policy. This emerging news implies that women candidates will the admitted with mini grade of B minus of 58 points.

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At least 7500 students who failed to meet the C+ pass mark for university and other colleges invitations as per KCCPS demands. The candidates will get a slot in private universities at home and a broad. They will also seek to sponsor themselves should they need to get enrolled in public universities.

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Those who scored below KCCPS required mark will also seek mid colleges and polytechnic institutions for enrollment.


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